Vegan Pancake Recipe (3 ingredients)

First I would like to start by saying that I love me some pancakes, always have and always will!   atbbdgmrc

After deciding to go vegan I was excited to experiment and create a number of different recipes. I have always loved cooking and veganism has truly contributed to rekindling my creativity in the kitchen. 

I know many people wonder what vegans eat and worry about trying a vegan lifestyle due to the assumption of lacking options but let me assure you that is not the case. From my experience I have found cooking to be much quicker and easier after turning vegan. Hopefully in sharing a bunch of my favourite recipes you too will feel the same!

So here are the few items you will need:

  1. A blender (any blender will do) I use the ninja single serve system.
  2. A cup
  3. A non-stick pan

The 3 magic ingredients:

  1. Oatmeal  ( 1 cup)
  2. Soy milk or almond milk ( I use chocolate soy milk, I love me some chocolate! )  (2 cups)
  3. Non-refined sugar ( 4 – 5 tablespoons)

Vegan tidbit: refined sugar, which is the regular sugar many people consume actually contains bone char, which is pretty much the burned bones of animals – yes, even sugar contains animal products.

Extra ingredients that I like to add:

  • 1 whole banana
  • 4 almonds
  • Dark chocolate pieces

How to get these babies started:

  1. Pre-heat the pan, place it on medium to high heat cause ain’t nobody got time to wait
  2. Place the soy or almond milk into the blender, then add the oatmeal, the sugar, and whatever ingredients you may also like and blend them up!

You will end up with 6 – 8 pancakes pieces to devour 

Vegan tidbit #2: shred some almonds on top and add some maple syrup – trust me, you’ll thank me!

Voila!!!! A 3 ingredient vegan pancake recipe to help you kick-start your day right!



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